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Scrapbook - Season 1967-68 Part 1 - June 1967 to October 1967

Scrapbooks 1967-70

In the summer of 1967, a 15 year old Luton schoolboy decided to keep a comprehensive scrapbook of the forthcoming Division Four (now League Two), campaign.

It is easy to say now that he knew this was about to become one of the most glorious seasons in the club’s history, but looking back it was merely the labours of a boy with too much time on his hands in the days before the internet, social media and mobile phones (or normal phones in his case).

He kept the scrapbooks going through the 1968-69 season where the Town finished third in the days before play-offs and on to the 1969-70 campaign where promotion was again achieved.

Relive the days of Graham French, Bruce Rioch and Malcolm Macdonald as you look through Roger Wash’s scrapbooks of a wonderful period in the Hatters’ history.

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