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Family Roadshow at Barnfield College on 5th March 2020


Colin Guy

"I brought with me a collection of Reserve match programmes; a set of autographs and a match pennant. 

Like a lot of people my first games seen at Kenilworth Road were reserve matches. My collection of programmes is a reminder of my earliest games and although they are from reserve matches, the teams from both sides always contained many familiar names.I think some of the well known names were emerging first team players, others were perhaps going in the other direction!

My most memorable moment with the club? It’s an umbrella story. 
As a 10-11 year old I was going to the match at Luton with my Dad to stand on the uncovered terrace behind the goal. My Dad carried an umbrella. On the way in the police stopped my dad and took him into the police office leaving me standing outside wondering why the police had taken my Dad away! 
Moments later my Dad came back but his umbrella like many others had been confiscated as we weren’t allowed to take it into the match. Luckily we were able to retrieve it after the game.
No child safeguarding rules in those days!"


Colin Unwin

"I've brought with me a booklet with team photo and chairman’s message before final home game of 1936/37 season, against Torquay United. I also have two match programmes: West Ham v Luton, 10 October 1959 and the FA Cup semi-final v Norwich in 1959. There is also a photograph of George McLeod, who played sixty games for Luton between 1956 and 1958.

I began supporting Luton in the early 1960s, when I was taken to a game by my uncle (my mother’s brother).

My grandmother lived in Kenilworth Road and boarded players, including George McLeod. George ended up marrying one of the landlady’s daughters, who happened to be my aunt!  I was at Kenilworth Road when a minute’s applause was observed in memory of George."



Karoly Ale

"I came over from Hungary in 1956 with my parents.  I played for Stopsley High School in the same team as Alan Slough. I also turned out for Limbury Boys Club who were a nursery club for the Hatters.  This photo is the 1966 Luton Schoolboys team taken at Kenilworth Road I think.  I was initially chosen as the left back. I told the coach that I couldn’t kick with my left foot - to which the coach replied 'you will!' 

On the day I was leaving school aged fifteen, the headmaster called me into his office. Scouts were there from West Ham and Spurs and he told me that I had to choose. I told the head that I would ask my Dad.  Dad told me that I was starting an apprenticeship on the following Tuesday after Easter, and that was the end of that. I played for Stopsley Athletic and Limbury Boys. I once played for the schoolboys after a first team game at Ipswich in front of 28,000!"  


Alan Taylor

"I've brought with me a box of assorted newspapers; almost thirty 'Hatters' Chatter's' from 1990-2000s, three copies of 'The Hatter' from 1975 and a copy of the 1968/69 season Bobbers Stand & Supporters Club handbook.

My first season of being a Hatter was 1965, though the promotion season of 67/68 really got me hooked!
My best moments? Hmm, it's difficult to decide between the JPT final.... or THAT match at Maine Road!!!
My worst memories have to be losing at Forest Green, the play off final at the Ethiad against Wimbledon, or the FA Cup semi final when we lost to Everton at Villa Park."



David Fleckney

David has a long history of Luton support, estimating that he has seen the Hatters on over 140 league grounds!

David has many objects of significant historical interest, many with great stories associated with them:

"Denis Law had signed my programme from the Manchester City game – the game which was famous for Law scoring all six goals for the away side in an abandoned game.  Law had refused to sign David’s copy of the Green’Un though, as its chief reporter ‘Chiltern’ suggested that another player had scored one of the goals credited to Law!"



Darren O'Donnell

"I've brought with me a Luton Town match scarf from the match against Man Utd on 17 September 1988, belonged to my late brother-in-law Michael. During that season the Luton Town sponsors, Vauxhall/Bedford, produced souvenir scarfs, I think for most games.    

My favourite memory is about Les Sealey’s Gloves! My brother David was a mascot for a match.  I remember in those days there was only ever just one mascot so that occasion was very special. Les Sealey gave my brother his gloves as a momento and they sat at home for quite a while. However, our Dad took the gloves to work one day. We  never saw them again!"


Paul Ashby

"I've brought with me a LTFC Supporters’ Club Year Book for 1972/3. I have particular memories of the late sixties/early seventies era starting with the 69/70 promotion season with Malcolm Macdonald and the later signing of Chris Nicholl and his ‘combo’ with John Moore under the leadership of Alec Stock. The committee members (shown in the Year Book photos) became  good friends of mine!.


Roger Woolnough

"I've brought in a black and white framed photograph of the winning goal being scored at Maine Rd against Man City, signed by ‘Raddy Antic’ the scorer!

I also have a vivid recollection of standing next to a Man.U. fan at that game (Man.U. were away), who was hoping to see Man City lose. He was almost more euphoric than the Luton fans!
I've been a Hatter since 1960 and have lots of fond memories of the non-league days...the clubs were friendly & welcoming.

The Maine Rd win has to be the high point.... the low is probably the mooted move to MK. I was part of a group that leafleted homes in MK telling them how they really didn’t want a football club near them! There was also a rally at Popes Meadow which was very well attended, there were lots of speeches - and I drove a Vauxhall Cavalier with a tannoy on from Pope's Meadow to the Club - all through town with all these people behind, getting the message over that moving to MK wasn’t popular!

I go to games with my son & grandson. It’s a family club".

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