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Matt Tees

Matt Tees - a poem by John Hegley

Matt Tees – goal machine.

Acclaimed local performance poet John Hegley has kindly submitted a poem about his favourite player, Matt Tees.

Tees, who sadly passed away in November 2020, was incredibly strong and brave and for a relatively short man amazingly good with his head with the ability to hover in the air while defenders were on their way back down.

He netted 11 goals as the Town won promotion from Division Three (now the Championship) in 1969-70 as well as tutoring the young Malcolm Macdonald.

Starting his English football career with Grimsby Town, he eventually returned there and holds well deserved legendary status at Blundell Park.

Matt Tees by John Hegley

Matt Tees - feather weight.
Bees knees. Small size. High-riser, nae bother.
That Tees - a goal machine, yeah, yeah.
warming up and warming me up.
How it lifted me 
to see him lifting off the Luton green, yeah yeah.
Luton, Charlton, Grimsby, Airdrie, Boston 
and Cambulsang Rangers.

Off to start his first spell at Grimsby 
a stranger sat chatting on the train 
told him, he was off to the back of beyond.
Well, Matt Tees became very fond 
of the back of beyond.
And the back of the net.
He thrills me yet.


Below: Matt Tees pictured in action against Bradford City in 1969

Matt Tees in action vs Bradford City in 1969
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