a message from rob stringer

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of the revamped Hatters’ Heritage website.  As a fan for 50 years I am still learning about our clubs illustrious history from the wonderfully nostalgic photos and information that the site provides. 

These thousands of photos taken from the Luton News collection at Wardown Park Museum are a great addition as are the new sections such as five minute reads.  I am sure it will be hugely popular and sets the standard for all other clubs.  We are very lucky to have a band of dedicated volunteers for such a wonderful achievement. 

Hatters’ Heritage do not have advertisers or sponsors at the time of writing so there is an opportunity for
businesses to take advantage of the enormous number of hits that the website enjoys and will continue to attract. 

In the meantime, I send my hearty congratulations and thanks to all the team at Hatters’ Heritage.