my five favourite hatters

ian Lee

As part of a new feature, we ask supporters to pick their five favourite Hatters. This week, it's the turn of Ian Lee.

"I started following The Town sometime in 1968, attending my first match in October 1969 (between mine and my brothers' birthdays - a treat from our father... it stuck!). Although born in Luton (at the L & D Hospital, 5 months after the 1959 FA Cup Final), I lived in Leighton Buzzard all the time until moving up to Birmingham with work - where I still am - 5 months after our 1988 Littlewoods Cup win.

Having no car, it's a bit of a pain travelling down for the occasional home game (by National Express coach) but it's very handy living in central England, as travel to many away games is easier! (bearing in mind ticket availability). I would reiterate what a lot of people say, 'it's never boring being a Luton Town fan!' Especially with our unique stadium - but all the same, roll on Power Court!"

Here's Ian's choices, in alphabetical order.

peter anderson

208 APPEARANCES, 40 GOALS (1971-1975)

"Cultured midfielder 1971-75 who contributed to the goals tally. Unfortunately sold to Royal Antwerp during yet another club financial crisis."

mal donaghy

488 appearances, 21 goals (1978-1990)

"One of Luton' greatest ever players, in my view. Quiet and unassuming, but a solid dependable Northern Irish defender who played in the 1982 and 1986 World Cups. 488 appearances; magnificent consistency."

ricky hill

508 appearances, 65 goals (1976-1989)

"Maybe obvious, but that's often the case for very good reason. A very cultured, confident, consistent midfield genius, who contributed goals too. 508 appearances 1976-1989 but only a measly 3 England caps."

malcolm macdonald

101 appearances, 58 goals (1969-1971)

"My first ever football 'hero', who was in the Luton team just in time when I started going to matches. I've still never seen so much swash buckle (!). A powerful, fast, brave striker who loved smashing 'em in! A goal in just under every 2 games for us in just two seasons, alas. A later England international."

david moss

245 appearances, 94 goals (1978-1985)

"Goal scoring and ace penalty taking winger, 1978-1985; a goal every 2.5 games. Dependable, tricky and a firm favourite with a lot of fans. (I could have chosen Moss' teammate Pasquale 'Lil' Fuccillo instead - it was touch and go... )."

Our thanks to Ian for taking the time to share his memories, and his wonderful choices.

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