my five favourite hatters

darren jones

As part of a new feature, we ask supporters to pick their five favourite Hatters. This week, it's DJ Darren Jones.

You'll know Darren best from his voice as he's been the half-time announcer at Kenilworth Road for 22 years. Darren has been a fan since the age of 13 and would like it known that he could have picked many more players in this list!

ceri hughes

205 APPEARANCES, 20 GOALS (1990-1997)

"I first started watching Luton when I was 13 and Ceri was my first ever favourite player. I loved the fact he was hard as nails and loves getting stuck in as well as scoring some blinders."

dwight marshall

155 appearances, 38 goals (1994-1998)

"Super Dwight was rapid, scored goals and he just had something about him that whenever he got the ball you knew something was going to happen.

I remember travelling to Torquay away in the FA Cup knowing he would be on the bench after his leg break and when he came on we were all buzzing."

chris coyne

252 appearances, 16 goals (2001-2008)

"Chris was an absolute machine of a defender and lived and breathed Luton Town. Tough tackling with a never say die attitude - however never go drinking with him!!"

steve mcnulty

125 appearances, 2 goals (2013-2015)

"I remember seeing him lineup for Fleetwood against us and thought how is he a pro and that game he was the best player on the pitch. The way he played at the back was just incredible and he was an outstanding leader."

ross barkley

37 appearances, 5 goals (2023-2024)

"One season and he leaves a Luton legend. Never have I seen a player that just blew my mind when he got the ball. The Liverpool moment where he got the ball, was surrounded by players yet broke through to give us the:


Our thanks to Darren for taking the time to share his memories.

Next week, long-standing Town supporter Ian Lee picks his five favourites.

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